Coach Malik maintained the starting eleven he used against Nzema Kotoko at home on Sunday in the week 12 game against Proud United

The eleven players who started for Skyy were Emmanuel Ansah, Martin Owusu, Isaac Afful, Paul Ennin, John Asmah, Ebenezer Ocran, Francis Oteng, Benjamin Aboagye Dacosta, Emmanuel Eshun, Emmanuel Ankobeah and Sani Ibrahim.

Malik’s boys started very well as they controlled all departments of the game. In the 2nd minute, Emmanuel Eshun picked a lose ball in Proud United’s 18 and dribbled past the goalkeeper but was brought down by the latter in what appeared to many patrons as a penalty but was waved on by the referee.

The eagles sold a very good football to patrons with short passes in the midfield and occasionally spicing it up with long tape-measuring passes locating the full backs. Ebenezer Ocran, Francis Oteng and Dacosta were a delight to watch.

As usual, the back of Skyy FC was a no go area as the defense wall proved invincible to the Proud attack.

In the 27th minute, a pass from Dacosta to Emmanuel Eshun gave skyy FC a 3 versus 2 situation. Emmanuel Eshun was brought down but the ball found the feet of Sani Ibrahim in what was a difficult to miss than to score situation but the referee miraculously awarded a freekick to Skyy FC.

There were many of such questionable decisions from the match officials which marveled most patrons.

The first department of the game ended in a barren score.

The travelers continued to dominate possession and control the game but wastefulness in fron of poll and indecision on the part of the attackers continued to derail their efforts at goal.

Coach Malik made a tactical change by taking out one of the midfielders, Francis Oteng and replaced him with the Tormentor, Ebenezer Mahmattah which ultimately changed the formation to 4:4:2 and 4:2:4 in variation.

The home side continued to hold the Eagles until the 83rd minute when Sani and Ebenezer Ankobeah did a one, two move and set the latter on for a break on the flank. Ankobeah located on coming Ebenezer Mahmattah who headed home the ball and gave the visitors the lead.

Proud United, at this juncture, had nothing to defend so they attacked in numbers but they were not treacherous enough to overcome the Eagle defense.

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