It was a game that all stakeholders had accepted that nothing aside a convincing win was accepted. Skyy has struggled to win home matches this season but this was a game that hopes were high not only for a win but huge margin win.

With the return from injury by Mamatah and Ebenezer Acquah, there was much optimism that Achiken cannot stop the eagles from soaring.

However, the visitors had their own strategy and will have none of the bragging of Skyy FC.

The game started on a balanced note with both sides sharing possession and making good runs on the flanks in the first ten minutes.

The home side took control of the game and piled a lot of pressure on which paid off with a penalty in the 17th minute. A nice through pass from Francis Oteng located Mamatah whose precise strike was handled by a defender of Achiken and the whistle went for a penalty.

Ebenezer Ocran stepped up, sent the ball to the left corner and the goalkeeper could do nothing about it.

Skyy continued to dig for the second goal but the visitors reorganised themselves and ward off all attacking threats of the home side.

From the 30th minute, Achiken had grown in confidence and had began outplaying the home side. The away team started to boss the midfield and the dynamics of the game began to change. Try as they did, they could not get the equalizer.

In the second half, the Eagles came in strong in the first 15 minutes with Mmatah creating a lot of havoc at the back of Achikens. The game will totally change to the away team’s favour immediately Ebenezer Mamatah and Francis Oteng were substituted for Ibrahim Sani and Ebenezer Acquah.

Achikens took over control of the game and consistently threatened the defense of the home team. In the eightieth minute, the away team got the equalizer and the game appeared to be ending in a draw.

The match officials added 5 minutes as injury time. In the ninety third minute, Achiken defense failed to deal properly with a cross from the left side of Skyy FC attack which fell on the way of Sani who headed home for the much needed win.

Two minutes were not enough for the away team to deny the Eagles the three points.

It was a win which was very difficult to celebrate by the supporters as the outcome of the game did not meat expectations.

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