Skyy FC Public Relation Plan 2019/2020 Season

Skyy FC must occupy a favorable position in the hearts and on the minds of all strategic publics who would determine the success of the club.

How do we achieve this

The team must Play Good attractive football and win matches,
Team Players and games must be marketed and Promoted
Home grounds facilities must be on point for all. Press stands plus services, Match information pack and exclusive interview pre-match and post-match
Top-Notch Hospitality Services to match Officials and Away teams
Well behaved organized Supporters always supporting team irrespective of the situation and not abusive to players, Technical and Match Officials
Decent ball boys and Well maintained grounds
Active Updated social media presence and website

Strategic Public’s

0. Playing body
0. Technical team
0. Management and Support Team
0. Regional Football Authorities
0. Ghana Football Authorities
0. Global Football Fans
0. Referees and Match Officials
0. Supporters
0. Media
0. Security
0. Corporate
0. Traditional Leadership
0. Faith-based Organization
0. Youth Associations
0. Other Identifiable groupings

Playing Body, Technical Team and Management Expectations

A. Must feel appreciated, treasured and loved.
B. Good environment and motivated to go the extra mile.
C. Kits and medical attention must be a priority.
D. Must be Marketed and promoted
E. Agreed conditions of service must be respected.

Authorities Expects

F. Skyy FC to be a model team for the region
G. Compliant
H. Daboase St Martins Park to be safe, secure and attractive Park

Brand Activation Events

I. Visits to Schools and Communities for social services
J. Monthly celebration / strategic get-togethers
K. Supporters nourishment events
L. Social and Traditional Media engagements
M. Public Billboards and Calendars of Team
N. Notice Boards in communities for Team Communications